Customer Based Project and Production

We provide customer-based project and production for our customers. When you need custom molded parts. Our team are ready for you.

Maybe it’s for a marine engine application. Maybe it’s rubber injection molded parts for cars or heavy trucks. Or maybe it’s molded rubber parts for high temperature applications. Whatever your custom part needs, it’s important to make sure your parts are designed for manufacturability.

What does that mean? And how does injection molding work in the first place? Let’s take a look at the world of injection molding, and the importance of different design features that can reduce cost when it comes.

Why Design For Manufacturability?

Design for manufacturability is engineering products with the goal of enhanced productivity and lower costs.

 When it comes to rubber parts, design for manufacturability ensures consistency, prevents susceptibility to defects, streamlines efficiency and saves material. Above all, it is a method to control costs. In our industry, it’s widely accepted that there are essential features in designing the perfect rubber part, including wall thickness, rib design, boss design, gate placements, weld lines, corner transitions, and properly placed vents.

Each of these design features needs be taken into consideration to design the perfect rubber part.

Our talented team employed highly specialized materials, innovative design techniques and sophisticated computer analyses to develop molded rubber components. The newly designed parts performed as well as the metal components in the extremely demanding operating environment. The project was successful and resulted in dramatic reductions in component weights and costs.

Project- New Product Commissioning

When our project unit will launch a new product, by purchasing 3 pieces of the original product; 1 product is sent to our R&D laboratory, for raw material tests,

1 product is sent to the molding room for making molds (scanned in a 3D scanning device). Here, the product is revealed by reverse engineering from the original products. One product is archived to bear witness samples.

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